Adaptive reinforcement learning with active state-specific exploration for engagement maximization during simulated child-robot interaction

George Velentzas, Theodore Tsitsimis, Iñaki Rañó, Costas Tzafestas, Mehdi Khamassi

Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 2018

Online adaptation to human engagement perturbations in simulated human-robot interaction using hybrid reinforcement learning

Theodore Tsitsimis, George Velentzas, Mehdi Khamassi, Costas Tzafestas

EUSIPCO - MultiLearn Workshop, 2017

Active exploration and parameterized reinforcement learning applied to a simulated human-robot interaction task

Mehdi Khamassi, George Velentzas, Theodore Tsitsimis, Costas Tzafestas

First IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC), 2017